About the Artist


From Humble Beginnings

Briana Ashley began creating art at only two years of age with her favorite markers and crayons. During elementary school, Briana excelled in her art classes. In her free time, she would often spend countless hours, drawing and creating various works of art.
In 2011, Briana , with the support of her parents, established her own business; selling many paintings, drawings, logo designs and various creative works. During high school, Briana’s art teachers encouraged her to attend specialized art courses that provided more in-depth training regarding painting, sculpture, and drawing.
She was afforded the opportunity to complete her senior courses through independent learning to expand her knowledge and interests beyond the boundaries of the standard curriculum.

In The Transitioning Place

Transitioning into college, Briana’s fine artist dream took a different approach. She began college as a fine arts major at Kent State University. Briana was introduced to more advance skills regarding:

  • Drawing techniques,
  • painting techniques,
  • illustration techniques,
  • fine-art principles,
  • fine-art composition,
  • color theory,
  • art history, and
  • sculpting techniques.

Early on, Briana’s interests began shifting from fine arts towards a desire to pursue a career in graphic design. She then switched her major to visual communication and design (VCD.)


In this major, Briana became proficient at using tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, and more. Her knowledge became enhanced in various graphic design and photo enhancement skills.

These skills have all furthered her growth needed to pursue her dreams of becoming a Fine Artist and entrepreneur. Briana now stands as an alumni from Kent State University with her Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies, with a concentration in Applied Communication with minors in Fine Arts and Design.

” When it comes to my personality, I am very bubbly, energetic, and friendly. My desire is to transfer that same energy I have in my personality to each and every piece I ever create. “
– Briana D Ashley


The Artist Today

Briana is fully devoted to her fine art career and has launched her business, the Briana D Ashley Art Gallery, LLC (formerly known as AshleysArt, LLC.) She creates fine works of art for private and commercial clients locally, nationally, and internationally.

Briana stylizes her artwork to fit the popular, contemporary aesthetics sought after by today’s curators, collectors, and enthusiasts alike.

Briana is very excited to share her works as well as to bring your ideas and desires to an artistic reality!

Interested in Learning More about the Artist?

Learn more about Briana’s career endeavors by downloading her full artist statement below.